Only the Products of Our Land!


Anima & Sapori is born in 2016 from the will of three boys in love with their land and its authentic gastronomic traditions. The company has been founded with the aim of giving value to the best products of the lands of Puglia and Basilicata.

All products distributed by Anima & Sapori have the same features. Indeed, they are made with the raw materials here produced and processed within the same regions. Since the beginning of humanity smells, fragrances and flavors constantly surround and inspire us in the search for what is good even to our souls because the “good food” and the amazing scenarios of our lands sublimate our souls and shake our senses.

Tradition is the transmission through time of old events and uses and thus the ability to revive the art of food preparation but according to modern principles of quality and traceability of products. Technology working for a better quality and customers satisfaction is the foundation of our business.

We will enchant you, giving emotions since the beginning…


Why choose Anima & Sapori?
Products of the Lands of Puglia and Basilicata
We select only the best products cultivated and transformed only in Puglia and Basilicata.
We carefully choose only high quality raw materials.
Product Accuracy
Our products are the result of artisan productions which give and preserve quality, flavour and traditions.
We protect your health and the environment with our organic certified products.
Good food: Delight for your Soul
It is not only food what we offer but a set of art and passion for the Mediterranean cuisine, “Our Soul”.
Mediterranean Cuisine
Our genuine products are ideal for the Mediterranean cuisine lovers.
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